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There are as many reasons to tell a story, as there are people to tell them to. Topics can be based on life stories, documenting aspects of your own life or of those around you. Genealogical documentaries fall into this category and can tap into a rich source of family history as well as the history of people and places encountered by extended family members and forebears.

Project documentaries can be built around sports, hobbies, crafts and skills, and often work well if they are specific to a unique task, model building, pottery etc. being cases in point. Also, during our “interview” process, subjects often feel more comfortable chatting while doing something familiar, whether it be gardening, painting or baking a cake.

Career documentaries also provide a rich source of interesting material. Most of our lives are spent working and aspects of work that we find routine can hold a fascination for outsiders, especially when surprising insider details are revealed. Also, at some point in our lives, many of us are asked to give a talk or lecture or presentation on some topic or other and we may be tempted to go down the ubiquitous PowerPoint route but, if time allows, it may be more appropriate to utilize the compelling content of a professional documentary production.

There are also many occasions that crop up which call for a story to be told and, accordingly, for documentaries to be screened. Key events such as birthdays and anniversaries are obvious choices not only for screening, but wonderful occasions to present a personal documentary as a gift. And with the perennial challenge of coming up with something different for Christmas for someone special, this could very well be the answer.